NCRA A to Z Program

Washington Court Reporters Association is hosting NCRA A to Z free 6-week instructional course beginning in March 2023 in Spokane, Washington.  There's an option for virtual participation if you have an iPad and can download a $20 app to complete the course.  We have four machines that can be used during live instruction.  Email Angela for more information.

We’re called court reporters, stenographers, captioners, speed-texters, and realtime communication specialists. Whatever you call us, we are technology. Picture yourself getting paid to caption the games of your favorite sports team or working in the center of the action during a high-profile trial.

The NCRA A to Z® online program is a hybrid course combining both live online instructor sessions with videos and dictation materials for self-paced practice. During this free program, experienced court reporters will teach you the alphabet in steno and how to write on a machine.

Imagine a career with a ringside seat to all the action: 

  • High-profile criminal trials
  • the House of Representatives and the Senate
  • Major sporting events
  • Breaking-news stories for TV