Better Together has never had more meaning to me this second term as president as it does now.   In this world we live in today with so much uncertainty, finding comfort and strength with those we've built relationships and bonds with throughout the years, our foundation and connections in our profession, they come forth, lift us up, support us, and point us in the right direction when times get difficult.

            That's why in this 2023/2024 term as president my focus is on connecting with all students, whether stenographic or voice, who are out there in the beginning phases of their careers.  Mentoring, training, and guiding students and new reporters is essential to making sure they are off to the best start in building their professional foundations.  Apprenticeship programs are also a top priority this year, bringing students into reporting firms and courtrooms, getting hands-on experience so they are ready when the time comes to begin work. 

            Imagine if every working reporter took on one student to mentor, or encouraged someone they know who is looking for a new career path to try out the A to Z Program.  What would that look like?   I think eventually every courtroom would have officials and electronic recording would go by the wayside because there would be no need.

             There are courtrooms across the US offering large sign-on bonuses with extremely high salaries, trying to entice reporters to apply for official positions.  Courts want court reporters.  We could bridge that gap, that empty space in our profession, if every one of us would play one small part in the big picture.  Our force would be so strong there would be no other option except the gold standard.  I invite you to join me on this journey.

            "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  ~ Helen Keller

Jennifer Pollino, CCR, RPR, WCRA President