Guidance on Video and Other Electronic Depositions During the COVID-19 Crisis

In March of this year, when it became clear that alternative means for conducting depositions would need to be considered, the Washington Court Reporters Association (WCRA) contacted the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) to together contact the Washington Supreme Court to request an emergency order allowing for the remote administration of oaths to alleviate the need for in-person depositions. Since that time, many questions have arisen as to the best way to conduct remote depositions, arbitrations, etc.

In May of this year, I contacted WSBA to inquire as to whether there were any established guidelines for conducting remote depositions that WSBA had drafted for its members. As of that that time, there were not, so WSBA President Rajeev Majumdar thought it would be helpful to establish some recommended guidelines that were based on local court rules, to the extent they could be.

After a few weeks of effort, Dan Bridges, Past WSBA Treasurer and Governor Chair, Civil Litigation Rules Revision Work Group, put together some guidelines. The link is provided below.

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